Sneakers are becoming one of the popular choices of many people around the world. Besides Adidas, Jordan, Puma, Reebok,... It cannot be to mention the Nike. Nike is famous not only for its incredible history but also from its outstandingly beautiful design products with advanced technologies, continuous innovation and upgrading. Among the most outstanding products of Nike, it certainly has to mention Nike Air Max 95 - the most advanced technology of Nike in particular and the world in general.

    Nike Air Max 95 was released in 1995, is set in a mix of leather, mesh and neoprene materials clad in textured patterns and solid hues, with Air Max technology uses the majority (max) air cushion for the midsole. The difference of these shoes comes from two air pads and air pressure technology to connect the two pads together. This buffer is made of compressed air inside.

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  2. How to keep sneakers clean

    You are worried how to keep your shoes clean after going to the street? You are afraid that your white shoes will change color? You are difficult in finding the ways to keep your shoes clean? Don’t worry. Please refer to the following steps to make it fresh.

    Step1: Put a little baking soda, soap and some drops of hydro peroxide on a bowl of water.

    Step2: Use a toothbrush to rub the leather part of the shoe, and tongue, then wipe clean by baby wipe.

    Step3: put nail polish remover on the cotton wool , then rub the rubber sole part of the shoe.

    Step4: Put shoe laces into the washing machine. You should buy a new pair of lace to brighten up your shoes incase the old one has been used for a long time Step5: Clean the insole with cold water and soap by using toothbrush to rub the dirty.

    Now, you have a clean pair of sneaker. Let’s walk confidently with the

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    It's certainly true that sneakers are one of the top choices of young people these days because its benefits superior to other types of footwear. Imagine how tired you will be after a long time of wearing a high heel shoe, you will recognize that a pair of sneakers will be helpful and it will be a great option for you, because Sneakers are very comfortable to the feet. They provide support for the feet when doing some activities like running, playing sports and doing risky exercises. You can feel free to walk, run, jump without the fear of footsore and getting injuries. Sneakers also help you to keep balance, avoid a serious matter about feet and ankles as well. In addition to above, sneakers can also be used in different circumstance. You can choose a pair of sneaker for playing various sports, travelling and in daily life. It’s fantastic to own some pair of sneakers in your sneakers shelves.

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  4. High-end sneakers and collaborations

    We have witnessed a myriad of masterpieces especially in sportswear due to the collaboration of sports brand behemoths. The trend for co-designing to launch super products has existed for such a long time, and the outputs have always been incredibly marvelous. Mostly, such designs flew off the shelves very soon and everyone can feel the heat of the co-designed items.

    It does not mean that orthodox products of one brand are being underestimated compared to descendants resulting from the cooperation across sneaker brands. However, sneaker collaborations in 2019 seem to be more important than ever. Prestigious brands are enjoying the race and introducing their latest collection. Designers are making a concerted effort at getting high-profile projects, which must be the most coveted on the resale market. The mainstream sportswear brands continuously improve the luxury footwear styles and many releases are expected to appear in Paris Fashion Week. This year trainers will appear with

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  5. Bold tech

    This year the hightlight of seriously high technology is a dominant trend today among the sneaker head world. This is extremely special with the integration of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

    Nike has recently got the spotlight with a unique idea of a self-lacing sneaker dedicated to the basketball world. Adapt BB was dropped and soon attracts much attention by such a modern technology on connecting the laces with a mobile app.  Meanwhile, Adidas also joined in the race with the release of the new Futurecraft 4D. This version introduces a 3D printed sole that’s one of a kind ever, expressing a futuristic silhouette that is the most coveted of all time. It is said to be the acme of sole design until now, which is made out of pure light and oxygen.

    Many big boys of sneaker products seem to enjoy the flames of green envy at the sneaker convention. Their S

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